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Three Questions Your LinkedIn Profile Must Answer

By Bruce Kasanoff | Seen on Forbes.com
“There are three things your LinkedIn profile must tell others, but the vast majority of LinkedIn’s 400-plus million members fail to provide clear and concise answers. The result is that LinkedIn does not work very well for them.”

31 things you should remove from your résumé immediately

By Jacquelyn Smith and Rachel Gillett | Seen on Business Insider
“On average, hiring managers get 75 résumés per position they post, according to a study from CareerBuilder.com — so they don't have the time or resources to look at each one closely, and they typically spend about six seconds on their initial "fit/no fit" decision.”

Bypass The Job Application And Get Straight To An Interview

By Erica Breuer, The Muse | Seen on Fast Company
“If you’re tired of sending out resumes and hoping for the best, try one of these approaches on for size.”

Recruiting Is Easy -- Unless You Do It Wrong

By Liz Ryan | Seen on Forbes.com
“Recruiting is easy if you stay grounded in reality. It’s especially easy these days because so few companies are great places to work. When you focus on making a workplace an awesome place to work, your new hires practically recruit themselves.”

Tips on Finding Talent for Startups from a Top VC firm Recruiter  

By Sid Lipsey | Seen on LinkedIn Talent Blog
“Competing with household names presents a challenge for anyone who’s trying to recruit talent for these startups, or “early-stage companies.” So how do you find talent when you're a tiny, unknown company trying to get off the ground?”