How can we help you?

Permanent recruitment
Finding the right people is a critical element in any company’s growth plan and it can often times be a daunting task. You can trust our team of talent strategists to take on the task while you continue to focus on what you do best. We will meet with you to truly understand your business and your needs in order to draw up a predefined recruitment strategy and deliver a shortlist of vetted candidates that specifically meet your requirements. 

Contract / Temporary resources
Do you have a technology or business project that requires subject-matter experts or consultants for a predefined period of time? Do you have an interim need for a contract resource? Let us provide you with the best talent for the job through our contract / temporary resource services. We work with an active network of business and technology professionals ready to parachute in on a project at a moment's notice. We will handle all the back office work including on-boarding, payroll, benefits, electronic time & expense management. You can also rest assured that any of our contractors working on your premises are covered with an industry leading insurance

Not quite sure if you are ready to make a commitment yet? Not a problem. With our contract-to-hire program we offer you the flexibility to hire a candidate on contract for up to 3 months before making the decision to extend a permanent offer. This is a working interview of sorts, allowing you to evaluate a candidate’s abilities and interactions within your team while on the job. 

Global Resourcing
Today’s reality is that finding the right talent for your organization may not always be a local solution. Whether you are faced with the challenges of hiring a highly specialized resource that is not available locally or need to hire internationally as a part of your global expansion, we are here to help. Through our global resourcing services we provide access to an international network of highly qualified candidates that are available to relocate on contract or permanently. Once the decision has been made to hire internationally, we will work hand in hand with both client and candidate in order to facilitate each step of the process. 

Start-up Talent
As a part of our commitment to innovation, we have developed a program specifically tailored to the needs of early stage venture backed start-up companies. We realize that having the right talent is a key components to the success of an early stage company. Through our start-up talent services we provide access to candidates that are passionate about contributing to new products, technologies, and innovation but that are also willing to take a risk with the bigger picture in mind. We have customized our services to provide you with the best talent for the job through flexible options that leave plenty of room for growth.